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Please type in your property address to determine your estimated assessment cost for undergrounding. As you type your address, the screen should begin to populate with options.

When typing in your address, please use abbreviations wherever possible. For example, use “N” for “North” or “Ave” for “Avenue”.

If for some reason, your address is not appearing, please contact the undergrounding hotline at 561.227.7077, email Underground@TownofPalmBeach.com or contact the Town on our online web form here.

Information About Assessment Methodology
  • Assessments are estimated and are subject to change.
  • The assessments provided are annual assessments that will appear on Property Tax bills.
  • The debt service is based on an estimated total debt issue of $90,000,000 for 30 years at an estimated interest rate of 3.81%.
  • Assessments are calculated based on an estimated annual debt service of $5,080,000.
  • The interest rate used in the calculation was based on the AAA General Obligation bond interest rate market which is the lowest long term interest rate available to local governments as of October 2015. The interest rate is subject to change. For example, as of January 28, 2016 the AAA GO Rate was 3.56%.
  • The assessment has been increased by 2% to include the 2% first year charge imposed for the cost of collections by the Palm Beach County Tax Collector and Property Appraiser. In the second year and every year thereafter the cost drops to approximately 1% for Tax Collector administrative charges.
  • The assessment amount assumes that the assessment is paid in November and receives the 4% discount allowed by the Palm Beach County Tax Collector.
  • Assessment is based on the total project cost of $90,000,000 using the approved assessment methodology described below:
  • Prepayment of assessment avoids the debt issuance cost and the interest cost on the bonds.
  • Prepayment of assessment allows the property to avoid the annual assessment for the current owner and all subsequent owners.
  • Depending upon when prepayment occurs, assessments will be used for project costs or to pay debt service and therefore, reduce the amount the Town will need to borrow and/or to reduce annual assessments.
  • The methodology is calculated based on the special benefit provided to properties within the Town as a result of undergrounding overhead utilities.
  • The benefits are safety, reliability and aesthetics.
  • The benefits are allocated 40% to safety, 30% to reliability and 30% to aesthetics.
  • The safety factoris based on land use and lot size. Reliability is based on population density factors derived from the 2010 census data and land use. The Aesthetic calculation is based on density factors, lot size and land use.
  • If a property has overhead utilities, then they receive the entire weight of the safety reliability and aesthetic benefits based on their land use and lot size.
  • If a property does not have overhead utilities, the assessment is reduced by 1/2 of the safety and aesthetics benefits and reduced by 1/3 for reliability benefits.
  • Parcels that have been exempted from the calculation includevacant parcels that are not buildable and/or do not have ANY utility service.
  • The properties located in the Everglades Island and Via Fontana Assessment Districts are exempt from this calculation. They were part of the neighborhood underground program and are already being assessed for their project costs.
  • Also excluded are the properties in the future Lake Towers and Nightingale/LaPuerta underground assessment districts. These properties have opted to pursue their own neighborhood project and will be assessed based on their project costs.
Average Annual Assessments:
$978 or $2.68 Per Day
$356 or $0.98 Per Day
Average Prepaid Amounts:

Links to more detailed reports are provided belowin alphabetical order by owner and also by Property Control Number. Property Control numbers can be found on the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser's website, or your last tax bill.

Assessment Cost Ordered by PCN [Geographic, North to South]
Assessment Cost Ordered by Name
Town Wide Utility Undergrounding Project